Friday, January 21, 2011

Thinking about this first week - #CCK11

WOW - So fast! The first week is already finished...

The initial confusion and fear are disappearing.Gradually they are being replaced by increased curiosity and a certain feeling of euphoria, desire to do more, explore more, to cross new frontiersFrom the initial chaos seems to emerge a pattern of order. And it is a beautiful pattern.

I am happy because I managed to read all the texts.

Twitter was the main tool for fast connections in Portuguese and English ( the connections established, I decided to create two blogs: this one in English and another in Portuguese (
I have used a facebook account as auxiliary space and also have put some ideas under discussion in the group Nexpeople ( My friend Clausia taught me how to use the FEED. Beth a good online friend helped me a lot  discussing the ideas in progress, both on twitter as in private messages.She is also producing a blog to broaden the discussion with people in hers network

AH.... and just for fun: -  a colection of images in
If you have any photos to share, send it to me.

Connections, connections, connections - between people, machines, ideas,images, experiences...

Yeah!!!!  This is the job, isn't?

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